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Field Services For Large or Small Projects

Gathering property data is at the core of mass appraisal. Unfortunately, many assessors lack the time and resources to run a field operation with the level of consistency and quality they need.

3D Data Field Services help assessors solve this problem.


First and foremost, our clients receive high quality data:

  • We use LiDAR and 3D Data Insight™ technology to digitally capture all aspects of a property, from building measurements and sketches to property use.

  • Our proprietary processing system, with six layers of quality control, ensures that data going into the client's CAMA system is as error-free as possible.

Second, there are no surprises for our clients. They know exactly when we're working, where we're working, and what we're doing every day thanks to daily check-ins and frequent update reports .

In short, our clients receive a better product faster without paying high fees thanks to our technology and our processes.

Perhaps you oversee a large jurisdiction with hundreds of thousands of properties and you need a full measure and list. Maybe your jurisdiction is relatively small and you just need someone to go through the year's new construction permits over a couple of days. Whether your project is large or small, 3D Data can provide the field operations you need.

3D Data uses handheld LiDAR as part of its data collecting process. LiDAR allows 3D Data to gather millions of measurements on a building and provide dimensions accurate to an inch. Using this technology, a 3D Data employee can provide higher quality data in a matter of moments.

A 3D model generated using advanced algorithms within 3D Data's processing system. Each model is analyzed and processed in conjunction with other building information to create accurate sketches.

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